Incense packaging design for a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Nepal. The marbling suggests smoke and offerings.
Van design for Chi Lin Monastery Elderly Services. The van depicts the Chi Lin's Nam Lin Garden situated opposite to the elderly home.
Brochure designs for annual Chinese opera productions based on stories told in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition.
MAMA Charity Foundation sponsors and promotes Buddhist studies in Hong Kong.
Shelri Tsakhang, logo design for a Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated 5,000 meters above sea level in Dolpo, Nepal.
Logo design for Karmapa Khyeno Foundation (KKF)
Logo design for a Tibetan Buddhist association based on turning of the Dharma Wheel
Poster design for tree planting and life release events
Poster design for the opening of a Tibetan Buddhist center in Hong Kong
Poster for a one-day retreat programme

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