Photograhy by Josiah Leung

The thing about annual reports is…
...they tend to strike fear into the hearts of designers, raising the prospect of countless late nights and lost weekends. On the other hand, report design also requires precision, typographical discipline, creative challenges and time management, all useful career skills.
In our experience, a clear brief directly from the corner office is ideal if not essential to the successful creative development of the report.  We have been fortunate in working with chief executives, financial officers and corp comms directors who understand and support the role of design in investor relations. 

Hang Seng Bank
Hong Kong’s leading local retail bank is proud of its roots and values. Our annual report designs helped express Hang Seng’s depth of knowledge and commitment to Hong Kong and to position it as forward-looking. Abstract visual concepts, expressed through highly creative photography and illustrations, reinforced the reports’ themes.​​​​​​​
Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2012
Annual Report 2000

AIA Group Limited
AIA Group Limited is the largest independent publicly-listed pan-Asian life insurance group. The design of the reports must express AIA's vision and mission, and reflect its evolving brand identity.​​​​​​​
Annual Report 2013
Annual Report 2016

The Hong Kong Jockey Club
LTD was privileged to design The Hong Kong Jockey Club’s annual reports from 2000 to 2016. The Club is Hong Kong’s largest taxpayer and charity, operator of the city’s horse racing and football betting franchises as well as one of the oldest and most exclusive recreational clubs. The Club continues to play a central role in Hong Kong’s social history and economic development; its annual reports are closely and widely read, and have facilitated Hong Kong’s emergence on the world sporting stage.

Creating annual reports for one of the world’s most sophisticated and successful mass transit systems was one of our most challenging ongoing commissions. LTD worked closely and to tight deadlines with the MTRC’s financial team, from conceptualizing the themes, to text and chart development, to design, photography and final production.
The MTRC was an especially well-organized client that valued close collaboration with its design consultants. 

LTD designed and produced the first three annual reports for SmarTone, one of Hong Kong's largest mobile communications companies.

JOYCE is Asia’s best-known specialty retailer and its founder, Joyce Ma, is a prominent figure in the international high-fashion and luxury goods industry. 
LTD worked closely with JOYCE for a decade, (1990 - 2000) designing and writing its first nine annual reports. LTD were given an unusual degree of creative freedom to interpret the company’s vision. The challenge was to create artful, innovative reports in keeping with the nature of fashion while reflecting the company’s rich but nuanced corporate culture. 
Annual Report 1993
Annual Report 1995
Annual Report 1997

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